Controlling your digital communication easily is veryessential, so in case you create a a business or a personal web site and you want to exchange email messages with partners or friends, you should make sure that you have quick and simple accessibility to all the elements that an email service has to include. Just a couple of examples are: autoresponders, email forwarding and mailing lists, as these elements will be handy as part of your email communication. You will be able to save considerable time and efforts, especially when you do not have much experience but you would still like to employ e-mails with your private domain rather than a generic third-party email service. Private emails will look a great deal more convenient and reliable whenever you talk to potential clients.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

The email service, which is an element of our cloud website hosting packages, is controlled with a feature-rich Email Manager tool where you're able to access virtually everything you need regarding your e-mail accounts. The instrument is an important part of our custom Hepsia Control Panel and we've created it with the purpose to supply as many attributes as possible using a user-friendly interface. You can see all the mailboxes that you have made indexed in alphabetical order and with a peek you'll be able to see whether they're forwarded, if they are catch-up or if they have functioning anti-spam protection. Adjusting any of these features requires just several mouse-clicks. By right-clicking on a mailbox, you will be able to gain access to context menus with more advanced functions like SPF protection. The Email Manager also allows you to access the webmail or download auto-configuration files for popular mail apps like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you have a semi-dedicated server through our company, you will be able to create an unlimited number of mailboxes with each domain name that you host in your account and manage them easily from your feature-rich Email Manager, which is a part of the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. With as little as two clicks you'll be able to set a particular mailbox to be a catch-all one, enable anti-spam protection and forward all incoming email messages from one e-mail address to another. For more experienced users, there're SPF Protection and Mailing Lists tabs as well. With the Email Manager, you can access the webmail for any mailbox, by just clicking on it or you can download auto-setup files for Apple Mail, Outlook and a number of other widely used e-mail apps for personal computers. In case you don't have much experience, in-depth help articles will give you additional information about every attribute of the Email Manager even though the tool is rather intuitive to use.