Not long ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be an undisputed pioneer on the web hosting scene. Its global recognition grew so large that today cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. However, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on dated concepts and what worked well a few years ago is not actual now.

This is why, we came up with the Anas Hosting Control Panel, built around the concepts of these days and geared up for the trials of the future. It has been intended to work in the cloud, to be intuitive and to help you control every aspect of your web presence: website, domain and billing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/invoicing/website controls

When using the Anas Hosting Control Panel you’ll be able to manage all your web sites, domains and e–mail addresses from the very same place. You don’t have to go with any additional billing or domain interfaces.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll need to log into two separate website management solutions – a payments panel from which you take care of domains and billing and the cPanel Control Panel from where you manage your websites.

2. File Arrangement

Using the Anas Hosting Control Panel, your web sites and subdomains are going to be separated from each other. Each individual website can have its very own directory segregated from the rest in the /home/ directory of your cloud hosting account. You can easily change from concentrating on one website to dealing with another.

If you try to handle various websites from one cPanel account, it might be quite complicated. You’ll have just one main web site and all additional web sites and subdomains will be incorporated into its directory as subfolders. If you’d like to use a different folder for every single web site, you must use separate Control Panel interfaces for each.

3. File Manager

The Anas Hosting File Manager is built to perform just like your desktop computer file explorer. With characteristics like drag and drop file uploading, right click context menus, zip/extract options, etcetera., it will make managing your data files quick and simple. In addition, there’s an integrated WYSIWYG interface and also a program code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and limited in features. Submitting numerous data files requires a great deal of time and will not include drag–and–drop support. The built–in archive/extract tool is unreliable and the file managing tools supply you with solely general controls. There’s no instant access to the available file management features.

4. Cost–free Gifts

The Anas Hosting Control Panel is managed by us and incorporates a large set of cost–free bonus features that would normally cost you about $1000 bucks with other hosts. You’ll get access to many free layout templates, the Simple Web Site Installer, Web Apps, a PHP Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Applications, etcetera.

The free–of–charge extras bundled in the cPanel Control Panel may differ from zero to several. All free tools within the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and are at hand only if your web hosting vendor has purchased a certificate to offer them. So, if your supplier cost–free bonus features together with your plan, they will in fact add to the cost of the service.

5. Control Panel Interface Speeds

The Anas Hosting Control Panel has been created making use of the most recent web technologies. This way, it uses in full the capabilities of your browser and web connection to so you’re able to take care of your web sites really fast. In our evaluation tests, when conducting equivalent tasks, Anas Hosting’s Control Panel demonstrated three times better speeds as compared to well–established control panels.

The cPanel Control Panel is set up on a large number of web servers, working on a selection of software and hardware configuration setups. Nevertheless, its widespread distribution brings about considerably slower and much less protected operation when compared to similar site management interfaces that are designed for just one platform solely.

6. Multi–domain Management

The Anas Hosting Control Panel lets you flawlessly control many sites as well as their domains from a single location. Each individual site will have its own special directory in the root directory of your hosting account and will also be 100% free from the rest. This way, you may employ just one web hosting account to control as many domain names and web sites as you need.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep things separate – you will need to manage your domain names from 1 web address and your websites from another. Each individual web site features its own Control Panel. Maintaining numerous websites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling simply because virtually all extra domains will be stored in the directory of the principal domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the Anas Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be given the newest stats for your sites and with easy shortcut icons to the main sections. In addition, you’ll be able to browse through the Control Panel, due to Anas Hosting’s top navigation bar, which has links to all presented menus.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all featured icons on the homepage, meaning it’s not at all designed to your particular necessities. At the same time, immediately after you enter a menu, you cannot quickly change to another one and will have to get back to the home page instead. This sort of navigation could be definitely troublesome for you, particularly if you work with lots of sections each time you change your websites.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

The Anas Hosting Control Panel comes with an all–inclusive demo web hosting account. All menus are offered to you and you can use them to make brand–new email accounts and databases, maintain your files, and so forth. If you like exactly how things look, you can actually enroll directly from our demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel features a basic demo interface that will not give you access to the primary website administration tools you need to check. It’ll reveal to you how a basic index page appears to be and you will have access to a small percentage of all available menus. The other capabilities will be disabled until you sign up.

We can mention each function of our Online Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it will be a lot quicker if you take a look at the live demo and discover the visible difference by yourself.

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